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C-Nut Powder

C-Nut Powder

This extremely Nutty and creamy method mix starts to leak off attractors as soon as it enters the water and creates a lovely cloud. It contains a large percentage of Tigernut Flour, Tigernut Meal and roasted peanut meal making a highly attractive nutty mix. It also contains a blend of feed stimulants, blend of milk powders and a secret cream enhancer. Making an absolutely devastating mix, you will have your hookbait situated in the middle of one of the best fish pulling mixes available on the market.

For use in method/spod/stick/bag mixes.


Tigernut meal

Tigernut flour

Blend of milk proteins

Cream enhancer

Roasted peanut meal

Bread crumb



High in protein

Rich in valuable food source

Packed with attraction & feed stimulants

Comes in a 1kg resealable bag

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